Continuing in the theme of the week: high school remembrance, it is time for me to get out of the house. My mother and I have never really been able to live in the same enclosed space for very long, due to longstanding discrepancies in our ideals, world views, taste in music/movies/clothing/style, and manner of communicating (as in me not doing so without being sarcastic)

I have just been informed that AOL instant messenger is a weapon for credit card thieves and computer hackers, who will not only invade our obsolete home computer to steal top secret Microsoft Word files such as “Cathy’s Recipes” (the only files she keeps on ‘the machine’ as it is known in our house), but furthermore, will certainly take the time to single me out (a dead-broke college student with a measly credit card limit), access passwords and credit card numbers to rob me blind. Thank you for the sage technological advice, Mom, I’ll keep that in mind the next time the damn thing crashes and you don’t know how to plug in the modem. AAAAAAAAAH.

Please do not ask questions during movies, please do not wake me up early with vaccuums on the weekends, please just leave me alone until I’ve had my coffee and can formulate coherent sentences. Must. Get. Out. Of. House.


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