Senior Year?

So I’m a bit slow sometimes. The fact that I’m about to begin my last year of college has been sinking in incrementally, and I think I’ve finally got it. The safety of having entire years of my life more or less planned out for me has been rather comforting lately, and now that formerly abstract hypothetical questions approach all too tangible deadlines, I have to start making decisions again.

I shall combat the oncoming crisis of indecision by occupying myself with quintessentially summerlike activities, battling valiantly against the calendar to draw out these last two weeks of irresponsible behavior.

Making a good start of it, yesterday one of my oldest friends swung by the house to pick me up and go to the movies. As the huge blue and white suburban glomped its way into my driveway on its lifted suspension, it reminded me of so many spring and summer afternoons of my highschool years. Adding to the regressive feel was our cinematic selection, ‘Grind.’ Please, anyone who might even consider watching that at any point in your lives, don’t. We knew it was going to be bad, but this really reached new depths of awfulness. Luckily we had the entire theater to ourselves and felt free to yell at the screen during the worst moments. The day was most definitely redeemed by meeting the fam’ for a sushi dinner at sunset at one of my favorite little restaurants.

Today, hopefully will be slightly more productive, although I’d like to think that catching up on the events of the past month with a fantastic friend doesn’t count as a wasted day, especially when I’m still getting over a bad case of jet lag.


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