Death to technology…

Well, I fought a losing battle against the cable internet company/computer for almost a week, and I’m finally back with a functioning connection. Why can’t things behave logically when you want them to? Thoroughly frustrated with life and modems, I had to get out of the house. It was a good thing that my dad needed a ride to the airport this afternoon, because instead of subjecting myself to the seemingly inevitable traffic on 64, I took the long way through the azalea gardens and drove over the bay down Shore Drive, windows down with the afternoon sun coming gently through the trees as my favorite radio station cranked out one great song after another. I really shouldn’t be quite so tied to things involving the internet, but it’s sooo tempting when it’s just sitting there in the next room.

I also should be a little less eager to hurt the computer when it does nasty things. I was definitely throwing books at it in the past few days, consciously aware that me assaulting the monitor with reading material would in no way improve the functioning of the hard drive, but it did wonders for my frustration.

Instead, I retreat to the kitchen and bake. My angelfood cake was slightly deflated due to lack of egg whites, but at least it took my mind off of mom bitching at me for having “broken” the computer. It has also come to my attention that I was less than comprehensive in my last cookie-mailing so i’m going to have to remedy that tonight perhaps.

“The Restaurant” was slightly dissappointing for several reasons: chef Rocco already has two rather successful Manhattan dining establishments, so the whole drama of starting something new loses a lot of authenticity right off the bat; secondly, it seems to be more about the drama between the waitstaff rather than the acutal cooking, so that stinks; thirdly, Rocco is a whining little child, even if he can cook. I’m so tired of celebrity chefs; why’s it always gotta be about showmanship? Alas. Off for a run, I suppose, and a little “me” time.


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