Big Apple

I love NYC, just wish it weren’t so damn expensive. Once again, fantastic times were had in Manhattan with the other 2/3 of the fantastic Cape Henry alumna trio. Two guys, independent of each other asked if we were “Charlie’s Angels, or something” when we went out together on Saturday night. It’s good stuff.

Top 10 moments of the weekend

10. Naked man on 3rd Avenue trapped inside a laundromat, yelling and pounding on the door at 1:30 am

9. Walking through “The Strand” bookstore in the Village and finding a 1975 hardbound copy of Don Juan for just $15. I [heart] Lord Byron

8. Being treated to dinner by Rachael’s freshman year roomate and her parents at a restaurant called “Don Quijote.” Troubadors serenaded us with ‘Guantanamera;’ I was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

7. Mandi and Me threatening to pretend to be lesbian lovers during aforementioned dinner. Hey, we *were* in Chelsea after all.

6. Large latino guy next to me in the subway on his way to the Bronx carrrying vintage Mary Poppins record album and 1960’s Candyland game, and extolling collectable boardgames

5. Listening in to super-anal fashion designer tell friend at lunch about his interviews with European fashion houses in Paris and Milan, while eating challah french toast in 2nd Avenue Deli

4. Sipping merlot and debating museum sociology in the Asian pottery wing on the 2nd floor of the Met, post fashion exhibit

3. Seeing Pirates of the Caribbean in digital projection after the best cheesecake ever. I love Orlando Bloom, just for the record.

2. Clubbing at GO, 8th Avenue, and getting the VIP treatment (private table in the corner, free champagne, me entering sans ID), even though we were clearly only VIPs because Mandi knows the manager

1. The “I’m OK, you’re OK Dinner” with Mandi, remeniscing with only a slight amount of nostalgia about high school, with black truffle gnocchi and tiramisu, AND mom calling to tell me that Italy is indeed a go.

Now that I’m back at the beach, it’s time to do all that stuff that i’ve got on my list of summer projects, even though the summer is quickly winding down. Fellowships, yardwork, kicking my butt back into shape, super quick review of Italian grammar, and all that good stuff. Got caught out in a thunderstorm again when I went running today-I love rain and lightning =).


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