disorganized, as usual.

Another week begins, and I feel like I haven’t gotten much accomplished since I got home. I still don’t know if I’m going to be able to go to Italy, because of silly email-tag with the studio and my Mom being weird. I’ve been trying to go to the Post Office for three days now to mail cookies, and it’s been closed every time. One more try today, then fuck it; I’m going to eat them myself.

I spent a few hours in Barnes and Noble yesterday afternoon after I saw a movie at the Naro, the little independend theater in Ghent, doing research for both grad school and the Watson Fellowship. Both of these things scare the crap out of me. I don’t think I’m ready for real decisions/rejection right now, give me a couple of weeks. I did thoroughly enjoy the frappuccino, however, so it’s not all bad. Speaking of not all bad, neither was the movie: An American In Paris. Very pretty movie, and Gershwin did a few songs for it, but it had some f-ed up gender role issues; a little too 1951 for my taste. The assertive female character gets berated for going after the man she wants, and Gene Kelly smiles a little too much for my tastes. He must have been an alcoholic or an abusive spouse or something. Nobody is that tan, tapdances all the time, and is cheerful without having serious mental side effects.

Almost strangled my maternal parental unit last night during a family viewing of “Out of Africa.” Note to self: do NOT watch movies with family at home. Incessant editorializing during key moments of film tend not to enhance the cinematic experience. Robert Redford was sooo hot.

On a slightly more upbeat note, my Dad has given me free rein with regards to repaintin the ’96 Plymouth Voyager Minivan, so I’m off to the library this afternoon to do some design planning, and find the right colors of spray paint. We’re all excited about this. I’m thinking flames, I’m thinking Gaudi, I’m thinking his security clearance at the Naval Base might be revoked =).


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