Back in VaBeach

the humidity continues, to which i am SO not accustomed. thank god for air conditioning, and having a comfy bed to sleep in. is it bad that i’m 20 years old, and really really missed my stuffed animals while in Spain? other things that i’m glad to have back in my daily life

1. the Chesapeake Bay (riding back on the train i got to see the whole damn thing. warms the heart)

2. fresh fruit in the fridge; i love summer produce. mmmm, cherries.

3. AMC; classic cinema 24-7, and in ENGLISH

4. seeing old friends

5. being behind the wheel of a car again; very empowering =)

trying to keep up the semi-regular exercise routine, as i have grown several pants sizes since i left in january, but the not so nice weather has made it an effort. i’m 2 for 3 so far, hopefully that will improve.

my family and i are coexisting relatively peacefully so far, and i think most of it has to do with the fact that we don’t see each other for more than a few hours at a time every day. i’ll take what i can get. the Williamson gals did go for a walk on the boardwalk last night, which was fun. gotta love the female bonding, plus salty sea air to rejuvenate the spirits.


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